Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Escorts Launch Automated concept tractor in India. || TRAXI rent app launched for tractor on Rent.

Escorts started working on automate concept tractor.

According to Escorts this  tractor model commercial launch in next two years.Tractor is able to do 80 % work aromatically according to
Farm and construction equipment manufacturer Escorts  launch smart tractor, It can do work like ploughing and seeding.
This tractor will uses geo-fencing to map a crop field and with auto steering. With this automatic tractor technology  planting of seeds are more accurate as compared to normal framing. With new farming technology farmer can increase crop productivity by 15-20%.
Farm and construction equipment manufacturer Escorts develop this prototype automated tractor with  collaborated Reliance Jio, and Trimble, Microsoft, Wabco, Bosch.
Farm and construction equipment manufacturer Escorts has launched Escorts Crop Solutions to provide  services related to farm mechanization. Also Escorts has also launched a app called TRAXI were owners of farm machinery can rent or sale them out to required farmers.
In last FY 17-18 Domestic sales of tractor in  India increase by more than 20% YOY and reach at 711500 tractors.
According to Farm and construction equipment manufacturer Escorts in India only less than 7 % of agricultural households in India owned a tractor according to a survey.
Lot of things still pending to do to remove hard work for Farmers and provide comfort to farmer with increase in productivity.
What you think please tell in comment section about Indian farming.

Escorts Agri Machinery.

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