Passenger vehicle sales Decrease more than 2.4% Only Car down 1% in August.

Category of Passenger vehicle sales  Decrease ⬇️ more than 2.4% and the car sales down ⬇️ 1% in August.

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In India all Vehicle sales in all categories increase ⬆️ by 3.50% and reached to 23,82000 numbers in last month August 2018 from 23,03000 number a year ago in same month .

If see only Car sales that's decreased ⬇️ by  1.00% to 1,96,800 number in last month  against 1,98,800 number same month  August last year.

6.00% ⬆️ increase in the Motorcycle sales in month of August and touch 12,06,500 numbers from 11,36,350 number in same month last year in  2017.

According to SIAM the Domestic passenger vehicle sales decrease by ⬇️  2.5% to 2,87,200 numbers last month August  2018 against  2,49,400 number in the same month last year 2017.

SIAM also shared that Sales of all commercial vehicles increased ⬆️ to  29.50% to 84,700 nos. Last month August 2018 and same month last year have 65,400 number. So YOY increase ⬆️ of more than 29 %.

However sale increase YOY in all  Vehicle by more than ⬆️ 3.4 % with 238200 numbers  from 2302900 number in last year August 2017.

Indian Automobile industries show ⬆️ Growth but there is decline in the passenger vehicle sale in the month of August,18.Main reason for the decline of sale is the floods in many States in India.But good news is that coming months are festival season in India and companies will focus on recovery of sale in these months.

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