Fastest rollout Commercial Showroom: Maruti Suzuki open its 250th Commercial Showroom in last two Year.

Maruti Suzuki India announced on 2nd November that they have the launch of its 250th Commercial Showroom in Dehradun. 

Maruti Suzuki started sale of commercial segment in September 2016. Now Maruti have 250 commercial showrooms in 193 cities. This is the company’s fastest growing Commercial automobile retail chain in India.

Maruti Suzuki started the Light Commercial Vehicle segment with Super Carry in India Super Carry came in both diesel engine and with CNG variant. MSIL offers the customer a powerful 2-cylinder turbo-charged 793 cc diesel engine and an all-new 1200 cc CNG engine variant.

It is also shared by Maruti Suzuki that they have crossed 20000 nos. sale of their commercial vehicle super carry in just 24 months after its launch, first it takes 18 months to sale 10,000 nos. but next 10000 came in 6months. So this show how Maruti Suzuki launched super carry demand increasing. With such fast growing It has proved to be a product that matches the customer’s desire for success in India.

According to Mr. R S Kalsi, Senior Executive Director (Marketing & Sales), Maruti Suzuki India Limited said, “Within the LCV segment, the mini truck segment comprises close to a third of the sales. It has been growing at a CAGR of 21% during the last four years. Super Carry has been developed specifically for India, keeping in mind the unique requirements of the Indian mini truck customer. 

In last month October Maruti Suzuki sale total 2152 nos. of super carry with growth of 146 % as compare to 872 nos. same month last year in 2017. Total sale of Super Carry in FY 18-19 is 12519 nos. as compare to same time last FY17-18 only 4229 nos. Its mean total growth of 197.7 % year on Year Growth.

In coming years, we will see the boom in the super Carry from Maruti Suzuki.

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