Saturday, October 26, 2019

Maruti Suzuki huge Drop in profit and Sale in 2nd Quarter results

On 24th Oct19 Indian biggest car maker Maruti Suzuki declar July-September 2019 (Quarter 2) and April-September 2019-20 (Haft Yearly) results.

All automobiles show decline in the sale. The main reason is the BS6 Implementation which cost high to company, more money invested for promotion,less sale and many more.

Sale Report

MSIL Company sold a total of 338,320 vehicles during the 2nd Quarter and it is  lower by 30.2% compared  perviou year 18-19. In total Sales the domestic sale was 312,519 units and it is lower by 31% .

MSIL registered Net Sales of Rs. 161,204 MN which is lower by 25 percent as compared to the last year.

Pofite Reports

Also there is hige drop in the Net profit for the 2nd Quarter and report at Rs. 13,586 MN which is lower by 39 percent as compared to last year. As per Maruti reason for lower profits are lower sales volume, higher sales promotion expenses and higher depreciation expenses, partially offset by cost reduction efforts, higher fair value gains on invested surplus and reduction in corporate tax rate.

Sale Report Apr to Sep19.

The MSIL sold a total of 740,911 vehicles during the First 6 month (Apr-Sep) which is lower by 24% as compared to the same period previous year 18-19. Sales in the domestic market reports at 687,000 units, lower by 25.%. Exports were at 53,911 units. During same period Net Sales of Rs. 348,556 million which is lower by 19.6% compared to the same period previous year.

As the October-19 is the festival season for Indians and that may work as catalysts to increase the slow rate of growth in automotive industries.In all 12 months Diwali month is the highest sale month reported every time. Now we have to check just after one week what will be the results.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Bajaj is back with top selling scooter of old time and named as Chetak electric scooter.

Bajaj Chetak electric scooter unveiled - a comeback of ‘Hamara Baja ‘after 14 years!! 

Bajaj has become the first mainstream Indian motorcycle brand to enter the electric space and   simultaneously return to the scooter segment with its new Urbanite sub-division. 

The scooter will have a in-city range of 100 km and is expected to be priced under Rs. 1.25 lakh. It is powered by 4 KW electric motor,  an IP67 rated high-tech Lithium-Ion battery with NCA cells, an in- built charger and the vehicle can be charged using a standard 5-15 amp electrical outlet.

 Intelligent Battery Management System will control the charge and discharge seamlessly. It has  2 driving modes - Eco and Sport, along with a reverse assist mode for more convenience. 
The scooter also gets regenerative braking, which converts braking heat into kinetic energy to maximize range. The Chetak with metal body will also be a fully-connected and will be embedded with mobility solution like data communication, security and user authentication.Great. 

But We have some concern in electric vehicles.

ActuallyI don't know what is going on in India, the price of electric scooter is around 1.0L - 1.25L, why?
 In China the price of electric scooter starts from 800RMB(lead acid bicycle) to 6000RMB(LFP and NMC Lithium powered Scooter)... That is around 8000Rupees to 60,000Rupees.. In India why it is double... Why?.. 
Everyone wants to make more profit.. but the manufacturer has to sell the product directly to customer to reduce this price, manufacturing cost may be only 20,000Rupees... Battery may be around 15,000Rupees... Who will bring the revolutionary changes like China..

Lets see what will happen to our electric vehicles implementation in our industry.